Membership Questions & Referral program

Q: Can I join the PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP in the middle of the month ?

A : Yes, your membership begins once payment has been accepted and will be renewed on the same date of the following month in the billing cycle. ( Ex; From the 15th to the 15th)

Q: How can I pay for my PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP ?

A: We accept Bitcoin as well as paypal, which can be paid through our website once terms and conditions have been accepted.

Q: Will the price of the membership change depending on Bitcoins value?

A: No, the Bitcoin price we charge will stay static.

Q: What incentives are there in the referral program?

A: We pay 10% on the first level, 7% on the second level and 3% on the third level of your Bitcoins account.

Q: How easily can I refer and how can I track my referrals

A: A referral link will be provided once a premium membership is created, a referral page within the signals platform allows for the tracking of your referrals.

Trading Questions

Q :Which exchange’s are your signals on?

A: We mainly use Binance, however, we might also use the following platforms : Bittrex, Poloniex, Kukoin, Idex. The trading platform will be clearly identified in the signal and any additional information required will be provided.

Q: Is investing in Cryptocurrency risk free?

A: No, although we are proud of the accuracy of our signals we do not control the market, as such we can not guarantee results.